Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Buzz Lightyear Flies into Lab 5

Lab 5

Our class was outside for this weeks lab, which shook things up just a bit. Being outside seemed to make the students more hyper, and there are obviously more distractions. How warm it is, the wind velocity, rain, sun, all of these elements of weather can affect a lesson. With this said, when teaching lessons outside I must be prepared for these variables by having alternative games, and patience. When watching the gymnasium group teach their games, it seemed at first that the students did not understand and were not focus on the games. But, once more instruction was given, and more time to perform the tasks, the students seemed to settle into the activities. Another important skill to have is the ability to change up the classic schoolyard games. Learn to alter games like kickball, dodgeball, and baseball into more active games that keep students moving. Small, creative changes can make games much more enjoyable and exhilarating for the class. With all said and done, I think this lab went quite well. Our class was met with some challenges, and everyone still stayed focused, and made the best of each situation. This lab was a valuable learning experience because it was our first time teaching outside. The students were very active, and a lot of fun. As we played kickball I found myself laughing to myself at how funny the students were being. I really enjoyed myself, and it was nice to be outside for a change. I was very happy to see that almost every student participated this week, and each of them seemed more willing to participate. Promising the class that they would play kickball or mat ball after we finished our games seemed appealing to them. I had fun this week, the students cracked me up, and I was glad to have things switched up. Everyone did well and learned quite a bit this week.

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  1. You did a really good job keeping the students under control during this lab. The students were very hyper, but you did a great job keeping them entertained and on task. Also, when the students were arguing and complaining during dodgeball, you did a great job defusing the situations and keeping the game running smoothly.