Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Super Lab 6

Lab 6

This lab made a great ending to our visits to Saint Mary's. From the moment our class walked into the gym in costume it was easy to notice how excited the students were. My group and I were Pre K this week, and since the lighting in the classrooms were being fixed the class was relocated to the cafetria. We weren't able to use everything we came with, but still I thought our time with the group was well spent. Each student was given their own cape to decorate, and what each student came up with was awesome to see. Some students drew flowers, stars, their family or their own super hero. It was great to see how much the students liked the craft, and I had a lot of fun helping and talking to some of the children. When beginning our gym games, we started off with a simple super hero tag game to release some of the students energy. We then gathered them together, went over a few rules, and began games with the parachute. The Pre K seemed to love making waves, playing popcorn and especially playing shark. It was hysterical watching how they reacted to air conditioner, which was my favorite game they played. This week was a success, and I think our class did great. Everyone was very involved in getting into costume, and being excited about each activity. This was a great way to end at Saint Mary's.

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