Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Hops into Lab 4

Lab 4

I thought this week’s lab went extremely well. My group and I were assigned to the Pre-K class, and so far this has been my favorite age group to work with. They are all so cute, and so enjoyable to be around. They ask you questions, tell you stories, and are excited to do your activities. All said in done, they simply are fun. My group and I made a large poster, and we also printed out different Easter images to have the students color. We then took the images and put them inside the cross that was on the poster. The poster was then hung in the gym inside the Pre-K area. I felt this craft was nice because it added some color to the gym; it wasn’t just a sheet of paper the students colored and brought home, but rather something they could see everyday hung in the school. Our game was a success too, and the students seemed to enjoy it. It was surprising to me how much they liked the eggs we used for the tossing. Hah at one point several students all bombarded me seeing if they could have one to take home. And not only were our Pre-K students taking part in the activity, but I noticed that several of the older children were watching and wanted to know what we were doing. For another lab it seemed that music really helped the involvement in the games, and helps the children to cut loose and have fun. Our group really did our best to incorporate the Easter theme into our plan for the lab, and this too seemed to get the children excited. I hope that for the last two labs our class can continue to involve the theme. All said and done it seemed like everyone this week really did well. We all had our activities planned out well, involved music, and got into the Easter spirit. This in my eyes was our most successful lab yet, and I hope the rest follow suite! I really did have a blast, and I hope the kids did too.

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  1. You did a really great job today! You were very organized and ready to go. The kids all enjoyed your activities and they all wanted to participate. Great idea to hang their drawings up in the gymnasium!