Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dinosaur Train Rolls Into St. Mary's

Lab 3

Yesterday was Lab 3 at St. Mary's and the theme was Dinosaur Train. The kids were very wired and energetic, and it seemed that the first two groups to teach struggled with getting the students focused. I think this lab showed all of us (Cortland students) how important it is to think through how you will explain your games. And it seems the best method of teaching is to incorporate specific instruction, use demonstrations, and language that is understood. The Pre-K group did well giving clear instructions to their students, they used hoops, jump ropes, and instruction to get the young children to understand and stay involved in their games. The younger the children are, the more it seems you have to use visual instructions, and verbal explanations. This week, my group was in charge of putting together an ending game, song, and cheer. I felt that our activities went great, even better than we had hoped. We did our best to really incorporate the dinosaur theme, and the kids seemed to love it. Ben created a good visual tool for the Dinosaur Hokie Pokie, and I thought it really helped the success of the dance. I thought the lab ended on a very positive note, and it was nice that our classmates helped increase the enthusiasm of the students. This lab was a lot of fun, and I think each one of us learned some valuable teaching lessons from it.

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  1. You all did a very good job today. The students definitely need a visual instruction as well as verbal instruction. Many times the students will not understand the directions until they see it being demonstrated. You did great with your demonstration at the end introducing all of the dinosaur parts before you sang the song. Great job and keep up the energy for the rest of the labs!