Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lab 2 Olympics Theme

Lab 2

This lab went much smoother than the first one. My group was more prepared, and seemed more comfortable being in front of the students. Our games did not go perfectly, but we tried our best to communicate and teach them. I am not sure about Ben and Jen, but I feel that each week I learn more and more through experience. It's stressful, walking into St. Mary's, yet once we dive into teaching everything seems to move quickly. The group of students we had were fun this week, they constantly wanted to play beaver and blob tag, it's like nothing else crosses their mind! "Beaver tag, Beaver tag, Blog tag!" That's all my group seems to hear. We convinced them to try a few new games, and one they really seemed to enjoy was zombie tag and mirror tag. Zombie tag was hysterical, they all got really into acting the part. In mirror tag they absolutely love freeing other players from their frozen poses. Down in the cafeteria, Jen was a huge hit with the kids. She must have made ten different fortune tellers and all the students ate them up. All in all it was a very productive lab, and I feel that our whole class has settled into St. Mary's.

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  1. Everyone did a great job with teaching today! You did a good job convincing the students to play your games as well. Make sure you transition quickly from one game to another. If you take a long time to figure out which game you are playing next, it gives the kids an opportunity to ask to play their own games. It is okay to play the games that they want to play, but you should try and get through all of the games you have planned first before you move onto their games.