Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Day of Lab

Lab 1

I can't lie, this first lab was frightening to me.  I have never in front of kids that age, I am used to coaching in front of teenagers.  Young students were quite different, and teaching that age was a whole new ball game.  I had difficultly trying to get the students attention to teach a tag game, but I tried my best to forget it and have fun.  The students my group was placed with were very fun and energetic.  I sat with two girls during snack time who were good friends.  It was funny to hear their conversation, because if it wasn't for the pitch in their voices, one might think they were old women.  They talked about how long of a friendship they had, chores at home, watching their siblings grow up.  I often wonder what I talked about with my friends as a child, and hearing them talk answered my question.  At the end of lab, through experience and observation, I walked out of St. Mary's with a lot more knowledge then I walked in with.  Though things did not go as well as I had hoped they would, it was just the first lab.  I know my starting point, and can only improve from here.  I am excited to learn more each week, and through experience become a better communicator and teacher.

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  1. Do not get discouraged! You did great in this lab. The more energetic and enthusiastic you are about your games and activities, the more the students will listen and want to participate in your activity. If you are nervous, don't let it show! Even if you are not sure what you are doing, act like you know! You did great with the students. It will get better as you go. It is definitely different than coaching older kids!